Lamb & Lamb Special

Lamb Special
Lamb Biryani $12.00

Delicious combination of lamb and basmati rice. Traditional hot spices with garlic and ginger, tomatoes and yoghurt cooked in Pakistani Style

Lamb Curry $10.00

Medium diced lamb cooked with tomatoes, oriental herbs and spices

Lamb Kharai $12.00

Boneless lamb pieces cookedin kharai with tomatoes, special spices, fresh ginger and garlic traditional Pakistani hot curry

Lamb Korma $11.00

Tender lamb pieces flavoured in a creamy sauce

Brain Masala $12.00

Lamb brains cooked with exotic spices, tomatoes, fresh ginger and coriander

Lamb Vindaloo(hot) $11.00

Diced lamb specially blendid and marinated in a selection of spices, cooked in vindaloo paste

Okra Lamb $12.00

Okra pieces with tender almb cooked with onions, tomatoes and medium spieces

Saag Gohst $11.00

Diced lamb pieces cooked with spiach in a blend of medium spices

Lamb Paaya (Available in winter) $12.00

Lamb feet cooked in traditional Pakistani style

Lamb Dopiaza $11.00

Diced lamb cooked with fresh herbs, onion, capsicum and spices

Lamb Lentils $11.00

Diced lamb cooked with lentils in a medium, sour sauce

Aloo Gohst $11.00

Diced lamb cooked with potatoes, oriental herbs and spices

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