Side Lines , Chutneys & Breads

Side Dishes
Pappadums(4 Pieces) $2.00

Crispy lentils wafers

Naan $2.00

Traditional leavened bread and fresh cooked

Yoghurt Mint Sauce $1.00
Salad with Yogurt Sauce $2.50
Garlic Naan $2.00

Coriander and roasted garlic

Sweet Mango Chutney $2.00
Cheese Naan $3.50

Naan filled with cheese

Lime Pickle $2.00
Hot Chilli Pickle $2.00
Cheese & Garlic Naan $3.50

filled with cheese and garlic

Brinjal Pickle $2.00
Hot Mango Pickle $2.00
Khasmiri Naan $3.50

Naan stuffed with ground almonds and sultanas

Basamati Rice(Large) $2.00



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